We help companies win new revenue streams with embeddable Will and Trust products.

Finally, a simple tool to white-label legal products into your company. Stop referring out a lucrative revenue stream and provide a novel customer benefit. We set it all up for you.

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How it works

Easily embed our white-labeled Will and Trust products directly to your existing portal.


Our easy to embed widgets can be added to existing portals, handling 95% of the technical lift from your team.
Already got the tech stuff figured out? Use our API and manage the UI yourself.


Your customers pick from a menu of services and call us when they have Estate Planning questions.

Think, “TurboTax style interviews” but with the branding and legitimacy of your company behind the wheel.
We automatically reuse data from previous answers to streamline workflows and guarantee consistency.


Customers answer guided questionnaires and receive custom Estate Plans in seconds.

Our automated library includes Estate Planning templates specific to each State programmed with conditional logic.
Customers download their assets in Word or PDF format right within your existing client portal.

What our clients say

It’s our goal to win the love and recommendation of everyone we work with.

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“We reduced our workload by 70%. Legal Karma solved a problem we’ve been trying to fix for years and treated us like family.”

Pete M.

As of 2023, 222 million Americans don’t have an existing Will or Trust in place. Many of them are your customers.

We help you win
that market (yes, really).

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how companies are adding in millions in revenue by offering legal products to their customers.

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