Win new revenue by offering your members Wills and Trusts.

Your brand. Your platform. Your terms.
We cover the tech, support, and legal automation.

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Drive your member's Estate Planning needs
while adding new income.

Offer Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney through your own customer platform.
We provide the legal automation, customer support, and payment capture.
You set the prices and win all of the revenue (yes, really).

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Own the relationship and keep client data in house.

Shield your customer base from competing institutions.
By being the Will and Trust provider, you gain valuable data on their assets and family structure.
Leverage data to enable cross selling into your other services.

How it works

Step One

We easily embed our white-labeled Will and Trust products directly to your existing website or portal.

Our easy to embed widgets can be added to existing portals, handling all of the technical lift from your team.

Step Two

Your members pick from a menu of packages and call us when they have questions.

Our call centers operate when you operate and are available by phone or chat support.

Step Three

Members answer guided questionnaires and meet with our staff.

After receiving their legally sound Estate Plans, customers meet with our support staff to do a final check and answer questions about notarization.
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